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Warm greetings from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA).I am Youngmee Jee, Commissioner of the KDCA.

The KDCA has its own mission of protecting the health of Koreans and building a safe society. Under this crucial aim, the KDCA will actively design and implement scientific evidence-based public health policies.

The KDCA will mainly focus on the following tasks as our nation is currently overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, the KDCA will keep COVID-19 under control to make Koreans take closer steps toward a normal life.

Second, the KDCA will advance the infectious disease response system, which is one of the national policy tasks, to prepare for future infectious disease risks.

Last, the KDCA will enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness, thereby enabling the agency to fulfill its own duty and make relentless efforts to elevate the KDCA into an agency that truly leads global cooperation in healthcare.

Fellow Koreans, medical staff, and healthcare workers,

The KDCA remains committed to protecting the health of the people of Korea from all types of health threats, whether communicable or non-communicable diseases while responding to potential public health threats and risks.

The KDCA will also be open-minded about any suggestions and recommendations on disease prevention and control and relevant policies.

Thank you.

Youngmee Jee
Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency